Lauren Stone | About Me
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About Me

Lauren Stone’s current work mainly focuses around themes of feminism, taking a strong political stance in her work.  

Often breaking down the stereotypes and taboo that contemporary females face, Lauren attempts to destroy existing stigmas viewers hold, regarding the idea of feminism and femininity. Working to question the society around her, Lauren’s work is part of a new movement questioning how feminism can get back to its roots to ensure true equality is gained. 

Lauren uses the medium of photography to explore psychological states of mind, on a personal and political level.



‘Free Range’. Trueman Brewery, London. June. 

‘Taboo’. The Fish Factory, Falmouth. April. 

‘Nearly There’. Institute of Photography Elevator, Falmouth. March.

‘168 Hours’. The Gallery, Falmouth. March 

‘International Postcard Show 2017’. Surface Gallery, Nottingham. January. 


‘Preview’. The Gallery, Falmouth. October. 

‘Brik’. The Poly, Falmouth. June. 


‘Institute of Photography Symposium’. The Gallery, Falmouth. February. 


BA (Hons) Photography, Falmouth University UK.